Purging of caches
Sometimes it is beneficial to purge a Content Delivery Network (CDN) cache. Reblaze provides this ability on this page.
You can purge a single cache or multiple caches, across one CDN or multiple CDNs simultaneously. Both AWS and GCP CDNs are supported.

Initial configuration

Initial configuration of the CDN provider(s) within your planet is done by Reblaze personnel. Please contact support for assistance with this.
Once initial configuration is complete, purging becomes available on this page.

Defining the caches to purge

The top part of the window shows a list of caches to purge.
To add an entry:
  • Select the + button.
  • In the Host field, enter the domain. If you leave this field empty, all hosts (i.e., all sites/applications shown in the Planet Overview) will be purged.
  • In the Path field, enter a relative path (such as /*) or a fixed path (such as /static/image.png). If you leave this field empty, all caches will be purged.
  • Select the add button at the end of the entry.
When the cache list has at least one item, the Purge button becomes available.

Selecting the CDN to purge

When there is more one CDN provider configured, by default Reblaze will purge all of them.
If instead you wish to select a certain CDN provider, check the Select CDN manually checkbox. A dropdown list will appear where you can select the provider.

Purging the cache(s)

Selecting the Purge button will send purge commands to the selected provider(s). The cache list will be moved to the PURGE STATUS list at the bottom of the window, and the status for each purge will be shown.
The completion time will vary by the provider. To update the statuses in the list, select the Refresh control at the top right of the list.
Once you have launched a purge, you can exit this page. The purge(s) will run in the background; you do not need to wait here for them to complete.
The entries in the status list will be retained for one week.
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