Whole planet settings
The Global parameters are planet-wide settings. This page has two sections: Site Settings and Notifications and Alerts.

Site Settings

There are global settings that will be applied to all Sites.
Trusted Sources
The ranges of IP addresses which are trusted for providing forwarded IP addresses: for example, the load balancers in front of Reblaze, or the CDN.

Notification and Alert Settings

When a Dynamic Rule is violated, Reblaze can send immediate alerts to a list of one or more email addresses and hooks (e.g., Slack).
In addition, a cumulative report of the previous week's violations can be sent to one or more email addresses.
This section defines one or more Notification Groups for these notifications. Clicking on the "+" button on the right will display this dialog:
The settings for a Notification Group are as follows.
Group Name
A name you choose for display in the Group listing.
The site(s) for which alerts will be sent.
The Dynamic Rules which, when violated, will trigger alerts. When more than one rule is included, a violation of one or more will trigger the notification.
Information for the recipients of alerts: their email addresses and hooks.
Email addresses for the recipients of cumulative weekly reports.
An existing Notification Group can be edited by clicking on its listing, or deleted by clicking on the trash button at the right end of its listing.
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