Product Manual - 2.X

Planet Overview

Administering your entire planet
The Planet Overview page enables the following actions:
  1. 1.
    Add and manage a site/application.
  2. 2.
    Generate an SSL certificate for a site/application using the Let's Encrypt service.
Note that in the discussion below, "site" and "web application" are synonymous.
This section allows you to add and modify web applications. It does not provide the ability to delete them.
Deleting a web application is done at the bottom of the Web Proxy page.

Adding a Web Application

Creating a new web application is done in one of two methods:
  • Via the Create New Site Wizard
  • Duplicating an existing one, and then editing the one that is created.

Create New Site Wizard

Click the
button on the right top corner of the table so the popup will appear.
The Create New Site Wizard popup
The Create New Site Wizard helps to create a new site with predefined settings. It will have predefined ACLs, Security Profiles, and Rate Limits embedded into the new site and paths, depending on the chosen security level.
Security Level
Preset of settings (ACLs, Profiles, Rate Limits) to protect a new site. See the list of available settings below.
Domain Name
The list of domains that Reblaze will protect. The first domain in the field will be taken as a canonical name for the new site.
Backend Service
Backend Service will be embedded to all default Paths of the new site.
An optional specification for an SSL certificate to use for the site. If selected, the certificate must be embedded into a Load Balancer so it will be used as a source for IP to create a DNS record for the new site.
Security levels:
Included protection
All protection is disabled
  • DDoS Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Injection Proof
  • DDoS Protection
  • Injection Proof
  • Session hijacking
  • Credentials stuffing
  • Brute force
  • Enumeration (mapping)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Injection Proof
  • Session hijacking
  • Credentials stuffing
  • Brute force
  • Enumeration (mapping)
  • Bot mitigation
The available protection components are:
DDoS Protection
Volumetric distributed denial of service protection
Injection Proof
Malicious code injection, signatures filter protection
Session hijack
Control sessions (cookie/header/key) from unauthorized access
Credentials stuffing
Automated login requests, usually based on a list of stolen account credentials
Brute force
Attempts to guess an account and password/passphrase
Enumeration (mapping)
An attempt to guess and map valid user accounts
Bot mitigation
Detect and mitigate bot activity
After the site is created the page will be redirected to a Web Proxy editing form.

Duplicating site

  • Select an existing site that is the most similar to the one you want to add.
  • Select its "Duplicate Application" button.
  • This will clone the site and create a new one with identical settings, which you can then edit.

Editing a Web Application

Clicking on a site's name will open it in the Web Proxy page, where it can be edited.

Generating a New SSL Certificate

Reblaze integrates with Let's Encrypt to provide free SSL Certificates.
By clicking on the "Generate Certificate" button at the end of an entry in the site list, you can:
  • Generate a new certificate without attaching it to a site
  • Generate a new certificate and immediately attach it to a site. If the site has an existing certificate, it will be replaced by the new one.
In either case, this is the dialog you will see:
Just choose the button for the activity you want.
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