This page describes Reblaze's API namespaces and endpoints. It assumes you are already familiar with the information contained here, about internal data structures and API usage.

This page is provided for reference purposes. By default, every Reblaze planet includes an instance of Swagger UI, which provides this same information with additional interactive features (building curl commands, submitting API calls directly, etc). Read more about this.

API namespaces: overview

The various namespaces within the API can be organized into three categories of settings. The category listings below include links to more information about the settings themselves; the API calls are documented below.

Namespaces for security settings:

Namespaces for site-related settings:

Namespaces for other capabilities:

  • Configs: for administration of configurations, the fundamental internal data structure

  • Data queries: for API access to traffic data

  • Database: for management of versioning

  • Planets: for planet-level settings such as interactive challenges

  • Tags: for retrieval of tag data

  • Tools: for miscellaneous capabilities

  • Users: for management of users and API keys

Namespaces in alphabetical order

ACL Profiles


Backend Services



Content Filter Profiles

Content Filter Rules

Data queries


This namespace can be used to adjust publish-related settings / change the bucket, as follows:

  1. Retrieve available dbs/namespaces via GET/api/v4.0/db

  2. We are interested in the system namespace, so fetch it via the appropriate ID: GET /api/v4.0/db/{entry_id}

  3. Get a value for the publishinfo key: GET /api/v4.0/db/{entry_id}/{key}

  4. Update it with a different value/bucket: PUT /api/v4.0/db/{entry_id}/{key}

  5. Now we can check versions of it: GET /api/v4.0/db/{entry_id}/versions/{version}

  6. And revert to a previous one if the updates made were undesirable: PUT /api/v4.0/db/{entry_id}/versions/{version}/revert

Dynamic Rules

Edge Functions

Flow Control Policies

Global Filters

Load Balancers


Proxy Templates

Rate Limit Rules

Security Policies

Server Groups




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