Configure a new path/section of a site

Scenario: An admin has recently created a new section within an existing domain. (In this context, "section" means a path, or set of paths, that can be described in a single regex.) For example, perhaps a new API version is being exposed at /apiv3, which is a URL that did not previously exist.

How can the admin configure Reblaze's security settings for the new path(s)?

As shown in the diagram below, the association between security settings and paths is done within a Security Policy.

Specifically, each Security Policy contains a Path Map: a list of paths, and the security settings assigned to each.

Thus, the process for configuring new paths within Reblaze is as follows:

  1. Determine the Security Policy currently in place for the domain

  2. Within that Security Policy, clone an existing Path Map

  3. Configure the new Path Map as appropriate, to contain the new settings.

These steps are described below.

Determining the Security Policy

  1. Navigate to Sites -> Server Groups.

  2. In the list that appears, select the Server Group for the domain in question.

  3. On the Server Group Editor page, note the current selection in the Security Policy pulldown list.

Cloning an existing Path Map

  1. Navigate to Security -> Security Policies

  2. Select the Security Policy that is (as noted above) currently assigned to the domain's Server Group.

  3. At the bottom of the Security Policies Editor page is the Path Mapping section. Expand one of the entries in this list.

  4. Within the expanded display of the Path Map, at the bottom right, select the Fork Path Mapping button. This will create a clone of the original entry.

Configuring the new Path Map

Ensure that the new Path Map is displayed for editing, and then:

  1. Edit its Name to something appropriate

  2. Define the Match path with an expression that will match all the new path(s) being configured

  3. Verify that the other security settings in this Path Map are appropriate. If not, existing security rulesets (such as Rate Limit Rules, Content Filter Profiles, etc.) are available for selection. If it is necessary to create one or more new rulesets, you will need to leave this page (be sure to select Save first!), create the new settings, and return here to select them.

  4. When the new Path Map is correctly defined, select Save. Then publish the changes.

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