Using Swagger UI

The Reblaze API is available in Swagger UI. This tool provides design documentation, and can also be used to submit API calls directly to your planet.


By default, the API is available in Swagger UI at:

{your planet name}/api/v4.0/openapi.


Using Swagger UI will require the user to be logged into the planet with a sufficient Access Level.

Swagger will display the entire API. However, the availability of individual routes is dependent upon the user's Access Level. A request sent with insufficient permissions for the route will fail.


The Swagger interface shows the namespaces and data models for the API. Often, each one is initially collapsed, as in this example:

Expanding a namespace reveals the endpoints within it:

Expanding an endpoint reveals more information about required inputs (if any) and the information that will be returned in the response.

Some endpoints, as in the example above, do not require any inputs. Others require specific parameters:

... or other inputs, such as a request body.

Running API calls

Selecting the Try it out button will enable the editing of the required inputs, if any. Once the required inputs have been completed, the system will:

  • display a command that can be submitted via curl (as explained here), and

  • display an Execute button, which if selected will submit the command to the system and display the results.

Swagger allows you to interact with the API, try different commands, and see what responses will be generated.

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