Version 2.18

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- Product Manual for v2.18 - Mobile SDK

What's New

'Create New Site' Wizard

Previously, adding a new site to Reblaze required the duplication of an existing site, then editing the duplicate. In addition to this option, v2.18 introduces a wizard for easily adding a new site. The admin need only specify:

  • Its security level (choosing from five possible levels)

  • Domain name

  • Backend service

  • And optionally, an SSL certificate to use.

Security Policy Templates

The New Site Wizard uses various templated security policies to create a configuration, based on the admin's selection of the desired security level. These are also available to the admin for direct selection.

Enhanced CDN Management

As part of its CDN management, Reblaze now supports AWS.

Admins can now purge CDN caches from the Reblaze UI.

Expanded Mobile SDK

The Mobile SDK now includes programmatic integration with Flutter.

SSL Certificate Visibility

When working with SSL certificates, full PEM information is now available.


A number of bugs were fixed in v2.18.

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