Version 2.20

Notes for updates to this release :

Version 2.20.2

Version 2.20.4

What's New

Flow Control

Flow Control is a new feature that allows users to define a sequence (flow) of submitted requests which, if followed, will be permitted. In cases where the conditions of the sequence are violated, a user-defined Action is initiated.

Site level active/inactive control

Checkboxes were added to the Web Filter screen for activating or inactivating security types. They appear on the Web Proxy screen for each of a user’s sites. For example, below, a Default site is shown. Checkboxes at the top of the page can be checked to Activate a security feature or unchecked to switch the feature to Inactive mode. Redis configuration moved to global settings screen Redis configuration was moved from the Rate Limiting page to the Global page.

Trusted Sources from Tag Rules

Dynamic trusted sources can now be configured from Tag Rules that are regularly updated from various lists and providers.

Up/Down button extended event view

In View Log, when viewing extended event details, new up/down buttons were added at the top of the pop up to improve browsing through the events.


  • Tag Rules, multiple entries of type header/cookie/args with the same name can be added and matched

  • Negate ("!") in Tag Rules for attributes now works

  • Fixed Rate Limit to properly support protocol attribute

  • Rate limit can redirect based on relative path as well

  • Fixed user-agent missing verification

  • Added "max-dpi-length" tag on messages with oversized body

  • Error pages now work with utf-8

  • Masked input now inspected too; added masking to headers/cookies

  • Fixed Event Log issues filtering with special characters like "<" and "&"

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