Version 2.20.2

What's New?

New Landing Page

A Landing page is now the first screen when logging into Reblaze. It provides a comprehensive summary of stats and activity in 13 areas, from Traffic Volume to Quarantined requests to active and expiring Certificates. You can drill down further into several areas by clicking on them.

Thumbnails of the Dashboard and the View Log appear on the page. Clicking them will open them.

The Dashboard function has changed slightly. Activity for the last 30 minutes is no longer automatically presented. You must now specify the timeframe you wish to see.

Rate Limiting: New Include/Exclude Tag Rules

Include and Exclude rules can now only be specified using Tags – already existing ones or if needed, newly created ones. Enforcement of Tag rules follows the Origin Response Codes specified for rule.

Flow Control: Removed

The Flow Control feature, introduced in Version 2.20 is not available in Version 2.20.2.


  1. Args Analysis – a reminder to Publish appears after a change to Args is saved

  2. CDN Configuration tab – error message now appears when incorrect information is filled for “Add Provider”

  3. Cloud functions – can now see full name for all name lengths. Web Proxy and Tag Rules one line with “…” at the end

  4. Cloud functions – an error message is now received if a function name is not filled

  5. Tag Rules – an error message is now received for a rule is saved with no tag

  6. Tag Rules – ASN list updated

  7. Tag Rules UI – changing an action from default to response no longer highlights the header field in red

  8. View Log - extended attack information now appears in request details for blocked requests

  9. Web Proxy – error message now appears when only a space char is entered at the path name/match

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