Interactive Challenge


Reblaze contains several mechanisms for detecting bots within web traffic, including Active Challenges and Passive Challenges.

This page allows admins to configure the third mechanism: the Reblaze Interactive Challenge, which is a form of CAPTCHA ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart").

The Interactive Challenge is more stringent than the other mechanisms. Therefore, when an Interactive Challenge is triggered, the user must pass it before being allowed to continue, even if the user had previously passed an Active Challenge or Passive Challenge.

Usage within applications

The Interactive Challenge defined on this page can be used at various places within a web application. Create one or more Actions with the Type parameter set to Interactive Challenge, and then use the Action(s) within the appropriate security rulesets (within Global Filters, Rate Limit Rules, ACL Profiles, and Content Filter Profiles).

Admins should ensure that rulesets which can trigger Interactive Challenges are not applied to API endpoints. Interactive Challenges require user interaction, and therefore, API clients cannot pass them.


The parameters described below will determine how the Interactive Challenge page is displayed to the user.


The direction of the text displayed to the user. For example, English should be set to Left to right, while for Hebrew, this should be set to Right to left.


This specifies how to display the image configured in the Image/IMG settings within the Languages section. When set to Logo, the image will be shown on the page once. When set to Wallpaper, the image will be tiled to fill the page.


The colors used in the challenge.


Admins can configure Interactive Challenges in different languages. A default Reblaze deployment will contain English; to add additional languages for configuration, select New language. (This appears below the Languages section; you can collapse the section to make it more accessible.)

Each configured language will include the options below.


The title that will be shown on the page.

Buttons text

During the Interactive Challenge, two buttons are shown to the user. The top field specifies the text for the first button that appears, and the bottom field specifies the text for the second button.

Image Element Source

This is the source for the image that will be shown on the Interactive Challenge page. It will be shown according to the Style setting.

IMG Element Preview

This displays a preview of the image specified in the Image Element Source.

Testing an Interactive Challenge

To see how an interactive challenge will appear to a user, you can select it as the Action for a dedicated Global Filter: one with a Rule list that will only match a test request (e.g., a specific IP that you will use to test the challange).

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