Hostile Bot Detection / RCSI

Most hostile bot activity involves headless browsers and mobile phone emulators. To detect these bots, most web security solutions rely on Javascript injection to detect the browser environment.

Unfortunately, these detection methods have become increasingly ineffective. The latest generations of bots use sophisticated software stacks, and they are able to masquerade as humans using normal browser environments.

To identify hostile bots, the Reblaze platform uses a variety of methods, collectively known as Reblaze Client Side Inspection (RCSI). Although Javascript plays a role within it, RCSI as a whole is unlike any other Javascript challenge in use today. RCSI is effective for protecting web applications, services/APIs, and mobile/native applications. (Some of the implementation details differ, depending on the context.)

RCSI detects bots via a multi-layered approach, described on the following pages:

pageEnvironmental detection and browser verificationpageClient authenticationpageBiometric behavioral verification