Publish Changes

This page pushes a selected system configuration to the proxy, and makes it active. This is necessary when:

  • Edits were recently made to the current configuration

  • Changing to a different system configuration on the Version Control page: either reverting to a previous version, or rolling forward to one that's different than the currently active one.

Publishing recent edits to the current configuration

Whenever you change the configuration of the Reblaze platform, you must save your changes. This is done with the "Save" button, available at the top of many pages within the UI.

If you do not save your changes, they will be lost when you go to a different page within the user interface. You will not be prompted or asked to confirm the abandonment of your changes.

After saving the changes, you must publish them as well, to push the changes out to the cloud. This is done by coming to this page and selecting the "Publish" button.

When you first arrive on this page, the most recent commit is automatically selected, so it is the one that is published when the button is selected. The most recent commit will include all of the changes that were made and saved.

Publishing a version after working with Version Control

After working with Version Control, you must come to this page, select the desired Commit entry (hovering the cursor over an entry will show the Select button), and select the "Publish" button on the top right.

Changing to a different commit

To set the system to a different commit, follow these steps:

  1. In the pulldown at the top left of the sidebar menu, ensure that the appropriate Target Bucket(s) are selected. (The list of buckets is maintained in the System DB.)

  2. The Commit list is a list of configurations, with the most recently edited version at the top. If you wish to publish your most recent edits, ensure that the top entry is selected. If instead you wish to revert to a previous entry, find it in the list and select it.

  3. Select the "Publish" button on the top right.

In version 5.0, the UI does not show which commit is the current published version. We plan to add this in a future version.

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