Users Management


This page allows admins to manage users of the Reblaze system.

This page is available only to users with an Access Level of Organization admin and Reblaze admin.


User administration follows the List/Editor UI conventions described here.

Add a new user

Select the + New button, and the New User dialog will appear:

Note that once a user is created, the email and organization values cannot be edited later. To change these, the user should be deleted and

User Parameters


Contact Name

The user's name


The user's email address. Note: after a user is created, this value is read-only and cannot be edited.


The user's mobile number, for sending OTP (one-time passwords) via SMS. This is an optional entry, because Reblaze also provides other options for multi-factor authentication (which are configured on the Account page). The number should begin with a "+" symbol and the country code. Example: a US number should appear in the format +12223334567.

Access Level

There are four Access Levels within Reblaze:

  • Viewer: can see the Analytics section, i.e. the Dashboard and Events Log.

  • Editor: has all Viewer permissions, and can also configure security rulesets and policies.

  • Organization Admin: has all Editor permissions, and can also manage users.

  • Reblaze Admin: has all Organization Admin permissions, and can also manage the organization. Note that this Access Level is not available through User Management; Reblaze Admins must be added manually.


The organizations within the planet. The list of organizations is obtained during system bootup.

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