Landing Page

When logging into the Reblaze console, the first screen you see is the landing page which provides you with an - at a glance - overview of protection status and activity in 13 components of your planet, as seen in the landing page here.

Above, the top row shows the percentages for four components - three security profiles and a service. This enables the user to gain an immediate status update of protection in their environment. Note that the percentage figures are displayed green and red, with red indicating a need for attention to this profile or service.

The bottom righthand side of the landing page includes two thumbnails: View Log and Dashboard. Clicking on these thumbnails will bring you to these screens. To view activity on the Dashboard, you must specify the timeframe desired.

Hovering over each of the four services in the top row of the landing page reveals the number of active profiles per service. For example, below, hovering over Active WAF Profiles shows that 7 out of 7 profiles are active.

The landing page can be accessed from anywhere in the console by clicking the Reblaze logo at the top of the side menu.

Landing page components