Deploy Reblaze

Deploying Reblaze via AWS is done by selecting the deployment, subscribing to Reblaze, configuring the deployment version and region, and then launching the application.

Select the Deployment

  1. Go to the AWS Marketplace at

  2. If you already have an AWS account, sign in to your account. Otherwise, you will have to create an account at

  3. Search for Reblaze.

4. There are two Reblaze deployments available:

  1. Select the result for a SAAS contract (in above screen, the second result)

  2. Review the pricing information, if you wish

Go to the top of the page and select Continue to Subscribe

Now, select the Reblaze contract and time period which best fits your needs. Then click on Create contract at the top of the page.

5. AWS will ask you to confirm your contract. To continue, click Pay now.

AWS will inform you that you have subscribed. Now click Setup your account.

Reblaze License Manager

Following your account setup, the Reblaze License Manager window appears. Click Sign Up and then enter the details requested, ensuring your email and phone number are valid. They will be needed later on.

Note that your phone number must be entered using the international format: the "+" sign followed by the country code, area code and number (no spaces or hyphens; for example, a US number: +17891234567). The phone number must be able to receive text messages.

When you have finished, select Sign up.

In the next window of the Reblaze License Manager, specify a password and select Set password.

Now, sign into the Reblaze License Manager with the credentials you just created. This is where you will create your licenses for Reblaze.

  • Note that a separate license is needed for each Reblaze console. If you have multiple environments but wish to use only one Reblaze console, you will need just one license. But if you wish to have multiple consoles you will require multiple licenses.

  • For each license needed, select the Generate new license button (see below).

  • After you generate a license, you will receive a Welcome email containing your License ID and an AWS Marketplace link which leads to the Product Overview page in the Marketplace.

  • If you do not wish to wait for the email and link from AWS, you may reach the same page directly from the AWS Marketplace.

    • If you do this by returning to the previous tab used, be sure to close the pop-up, shown below, without clicking the orange Setup button since you have already setup your account.

Now, go to the search field at the top of the page and once again, enter: Reblaze.

  • Select the link that has a version number (which does not say SAAS contract). This will take you to the Product Overview page. On the upper right hand of the page, click the Continue to Subscribe button.

  • Next, click Continue to Configuration in the upper right part of the page.

Launch CloudFormation

After selecting "Continue to Configuration," the Configure this software screen will appear. Confirm that the AWS region is correct. Then click the Continue to Launch button on the upper right.

  1. The Launch this software screen will appear.

  2. In the Choose Action section, select Launch CloudFormation from the dropdown box. Click Launch and begin the Launch process.

  3. Accept the default template and then enter the Stack details: define a name for the Stack and specify the Vpcid.

  4. Choose the Subnets in your AWS environment.

  5. In the RBZAllowAccess field, enter the IP from your VPC, as appears in the Vpcid field.

  6. In the Notification Email field, enter an email address.

  7. In the Reblaze License ID field, enter the ID you generated in the Reblaze License Manager.

  8. Click Next.

Configure Stack Options

Clicking "Next" (above) brings you to the Advanced options screen where stack options are configured. Many users will not need to enter any information on this screen, so you can click Next.

At this point, AWS will display a summary of the stack you are about to create. Review it and then click Create stack. AWS now creates the stack. Once created, you will be able to see the stack in the awstraining box in the Stacks section on the left, as shown in the screen in the next section (immediately below).

Complete the Deployment

Now, go to the Outputs tab and click the link circled below.

The link will take you to the Reblaze Management Console. You can now deploy Reblaze.

  1. Enter the Login credentials you defined earlier.

  2. The Welcome to Reblaze screen will be displayed with the account details automatically completed. At the bottom of the screen, click Complete Deployment. The remaining deployment steps and console creation now take place automatically in Reblaze.

Once you have received notification on your screen that the process is complete, you will be brought to the Reset My Password page.

  1. Enter your email address and click Reset My Password.

  2. This will bring you to the Log In screen.

  3. Do not fill in the fields on the Log In screen.

  • Wait for the email Reblaze will have sent you containing a link to the Reset Your Password screen.

    • Create a new password and click Reset My Password.

    • You will be returned to the Log In screen. From here you may begin setting up your sites and web applications within Reblaze.

Continue to Configure the Reblaze Platform.