Reblaze Product Manual

Deploy Reblaze

Below are the steps for deploying Reblaze on the Google Cloud Platform. Begin by signing up to GCP. Viewing the video below is recommended.

Sign up to Google Cloud Platform marketplace

To sign up to Google Cloud Platform marketplace you will need a GCP account and a project already set up within your account.
  • Start by searching for "Redis" and then select Memorystore.
  • Enable this option when the screen below appears. The process takes several minutes to complete.
  • When Memorystore has been enabled, the following window appears. Select Marketplace.
  • This will bring you to the Marketplace where you will search for "Reblaze." There will be multiple results to your search. Select the option shown below.
Selecting the Reblaze option shown above will bring you to a window where you select Launch.

Set up Deployment

  1. 1.
    On the next window that appears, specify a deployment option. Select License ID and click the Get License link which appears.
2. This will open a new tab showing the Reblaze License Manager. Here, choose Sign Up and then enter the requested information.
  • Ensure your email and phone number are valid. They will be needed later on.
  • Note that your phone number must be entered using the international format: the "+" sign followed by the country code, area code and number (no spaces or hyphens; for example, a US number: +17891234567). The phone number must be able to receive text messages.
  • When you have finished, select Sign up.
3. In the next window of the Reblaze License Manager, specify a password and select Set password.
Now, sign into the Reblaze License Manager with the credentials you just created. This is where you will create your licenses for Reblaze.
  • Note that a separate license is needed for each Reblaze console. If you have multiple environments but wish to use only one Reblaze console, you will need just one license. But if you wish to have multiple consoles you will require multiple licenses.
  • For each license needed, select the Generate new license button (see below).
4. Now, select the License ID you want to use and copy it to the clipboard.
5. Return to the GCP console and enter that License ID.
Scroll further down in order to review the default values for the new deployment, then select Deploy. This will transfer you to a page displaying the progress of the deployment.
7. When deployment is complete, select LOG INTO THE ADMIN PANEL. You will be redirected to the Reblaze Login page.
8. Enter the Login credentials you defined earlier. The account details will be filled in automatically.
9. Select Complete Deployment.
Now, the remaining deployment steps and console creation will occur, which take a few minutes. When the steps have been completed, you will see a notification on the screen informing you that Reblaze is setting up more things in the background.
Once you have received notification on your screen that this process is complete, you will be brought to the Reset My Password page.
  1. 1.
    Enter your email address and click Reset My Password.
  2. 2.
    This will bring you to the Log In screen.
  3. 3.
    Do not fill in the fields on the Log In screen.
  • Wait for the email Reblaze will have sent you containing a link to the Reset Your Password screen.
    • Create a new password and click Reset My Password.
    • You will be redirected to the Reblaze console Log In screen. From here you may begin setting up your sites and web applications within Reblaze.