Reblaze Setup Checklists

Easy-to-use checklists for starting and testing Reblaze

An update is pending for this section. You can use the description below to gather information you'll need for the setup, but please contact Reblaze support for the current instructions.


Please go through these checklists, and verify that their actions have been completed, both before and after your traffic is routed through Reblaze.

There are three checklists below: two for setup, and one for testing.


Before going through the checklists below, you should already have performed the actions listed in Getting Started.

Configuring your environment

Setting up Reblaze

Testing your setup

When the following checklist has been completed, you'll be ready to go.

Note: by default, Reblaze is deployed in Report mode for all applications. In this mode, it will not block traffic; it merely reports on the traffic it would have blocked, if that application had been set to Active mode.

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