Reblaze Product Manual

Set up SIEM/SOC integration

Reblaze integrates with a wide range of SIEM [Security Information and Events Management] and SOC [Security Operation Center] solutions. Nearly 80% of our enterprise clients stream Reblaze events to their SoC, such as ArcSight, RSA, IBM, and Splunk.

Secure data streaming

Reblaze sends logs over TLS using the Syslog protocol.

The integration process

The variety of available integrations makes it impossible to describe the process for each of them here. Our team will assist you with the integration, to ensure your platforms get the relevant information as soon as it becomes available.
To make the connection, Reblaze requires the following:
  • Destination IP/FQDN
  • Destination port
  • Destination's public SSL certificate in PEM format. (To prevent a MITM vulnerability, Reblaze performs SSL pinning.)
Please have this information available when you contact us to begin the integration.

Data format

Raw logs are sent in the format described here.